New Things I’m Learning That I Was Taught as a Kid

Lately, I have been on a reading spree around the idea of discipleship. (I had already read all of the Hunger Games books, so I needed something else to read and this seemed like the logical next step.)  One of the resources I’ve come across is the Reveal study Willow Creek did back in 07.  I had heard about it, and caught an overview of it, but hadn’t read it yet.  Well, in the past couple of weeks, I’ve been reading everything I can on it.  They have three books out, written consecutively as they progress through this learning curve.  I really recommend all three of them.

It’s fascinating to me as they take part in this ongoing study what they are learning.  So much of it is the value system I grew up in at a conservative Baptist church 30 years ago.  Obviously there are significant changes as well, but much of it is, at it’s core, what we did growing up.  And, it worked.  I’m fascinated by the four stages of growth they describe, and the change agents that people use to move from one to the next.

I’ve got much thinking to do about how this affects our youth ministry, and our church as a whole.  If you haven’t read it, I’d really encourage you to take the time.  You can find out about it at