Matthew 8

Ok, so I’m reading Matthew 8:14-34. These verses track Jesus in the course of one day. Here’s the breakdown. He heals Peter’s mother in law, drives out demons from many people, gets pushed by a huge crowd, confronts a teacher of the law and a grieving man, crosses the lake in a storm, drives out two massively powerful demons, and is asked to leave by a town. The day continues in chapter 9.

First off, I think I have busy/rough days sometimes. Geez Louise, nothing like this.

Two, what in the world is going on? Is there some unifying theme to these stories, or is it just a day in the life of Jesus kind of thing?

He’s definitely talking about committing to following Him. The whole “foxes have holes” and “let the dead bury the dead” comments make that clear. What is in the way for me? Is it stuff and He’s telling me the “foxes have holes” answer? Or is it family, and He’s giving me the “dead bury the dead” line? Is it doubt, fear, and control like the guys in the boat in the storm?

Honestly, it’s all of it. I fall on all three levels. Man, that hurts.

But, I don’t want to be like the people of the pig city. I don’t want Him to leave my life. I want Him to stay, to have control over it all.

It scares me to have Him in charge, but the thought of not having Him at all is far more terrifying.

I think I can hear the sound of some of my things running downhill towards the ocean, snorting as they go….