Moving On

We are in the middle of moving. We finished cleaning out our old house last night, and turn the keys over today. It’s so funny how we can get attached to a building. We’ve lived there for four years, and it has been my favorite house that we’ve owned up until now. The neighbors are excellent, the best we’ve ever had. We loved the neighborhood, and the house fit us well.

I think about how God tells us that this world isn’t our home, and we shouldn’t get too overly attached, that we will move out one day. I don’t manage that well. I get very attached, and invest inordinate amounts of energy and time into trying to establish my own kingdom. But this weekend reminded me that one day, I’ll pack my bags and leave this place. Done. Finished here. Moving on.

And I think about our new house. It’s not heaven, but we are blessed beyond words to have it. I am so grateful for it, and know from experience that soon we won’t miss our old place at all. I knew this going in, and it is what kept me going through some rough waters in the sales process. It would all be worth it. I could do anything, knowing it would be worth it at the end.

So too will come that day when, as much as I love my little kingdom here, I’ll move on, and not look back.
And it will be worth it. His Kingdom there is much better than mine here.

So, for today, I will once again pray that ancient prayer; “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth like it is in heaven.” I want to begin letting go now, embracing His Rule today. I’m gonna pack boxes, and live like I’m moving. It will all be worth it. It always is.