The Digital Kid’s Initiative – A GREAT New Parent’s Resource

There is a TREMENDOUS new resource for parent’s available now, that every parent needs to bookmark and use regularly.  It is the Digital Kids Initiative.  Here is their explanation.  Check it out!



The cultural context of children and teens is changing at breakneck speed, especially when it comes to technology. These changes leave kids facing a host of unprecedented problems, challenges, and choices. Because parents, youth workers, educators and other adults are by and large ignorant to these changes, their ability to influence, guide and direct teens in this new world is oftentimes forfeited.

The Center for Parent/Youth Understanding (CPYU) has launched the Digital Kids Initiative in response to these needs. This site is designed to offer information and tools that will help you lead the kids you know and love into living safely, wisely and to the glory of God on the emerging digital frontier.

Learn more about the Digital Kids Initiative.