Unanswered Questions #1

At the Edge, we did part one of a two part questions night this past Tuesday. I’m going to use this space to answer some of the questions we didn’t get to that night.

Question: “Won’t it be boring when God recreates the world and you live forever?”

Answer: That is an amazing and awesome question! I totally get why you’re asking this question. When we think of hanging out with God, we start with what we believe about God. It all starts with the world around us. We look at people, and we notice that the older people get, the more boring they seem to be. If you’re 13 years old, people who are 16 are cool, some people in their 20’s know how to have fun, maybe one or two people in their 30’s still remember having fun, and from 40 years old and up, people just seem to work, worry, and slowly bore themselves to death. If that’s the case, and God is the oldest being ever, he must be more boring than listening to Ross’ made up stories about his make believe girlfriends. I get that understanding. I really do.

BUT, God isn’t boring. That is key to understand. Think about it this way. Picture the coolest art you can (a painting, a video, a song, etc.) The person who made that art has way more inside of them than that one song, video, etc. They are way more creative than the amazing thing they made.

Ok, now think about the most exciting, fun, incredible person you know or that you can dream of. Who made them? Obviously, God did! If He can make someone like that, how much MORE creative, exciting, and fun must He be?! He’s freaking amazing! And we have the opportunity to hang out with Him, to get to know Him, even to become more like Him forever! That’s the cool part about Heaven. It’s not all clouds and harps (I don’t even like harp music). It’s all about Him, being around Him, having Him teach us how to live and exist. It’ll be amazing.

So, no, forever with God won’t be boring. This life is like the time you spend waiting in line at Kings Island. You’re with friends, you’ve got a reason to be in line, and the time matters. But Heaven, that’s like riding the Diamondback after waiting in line for a while; it’s exciting, heart racing, and makes you want to do it again.

Hope that helps.