Malachi – (ma-LA-che) Noun; "the Italian prophet"

Brad has me reading Malachi today, getting ready for a new sermon series coming up. I’m not going to go verse by verse through it, or anything. But a couple of things stuck out to me.

If you look in chapter 3, verses 1-5 you’ll see this prediction of Christ’s coming. Man, did Jesus ever fulfill these verses. They are worth reading, just to remind yourself that Jesus’ coming was a plan from the very beginning, and His power and presence were completely under God’s control.

Then check out verses 16-18 of chapter 3. I love how God listens in on a conversation among people who love Him. It’s like He bends over and listens to His kids. The point is clear, if you love God, you’ll obey God. If you obey God, He will bless you. Period. Man, I need to hear that sometimes.

Gotta love Malachi.

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