How to Lose Friends and Not Influence People

In John 6:25-70, Jesus has crossed the Sea and is in Capernaum, and goes to the synagogue to speak. While there, many of the people who He had fed on the other shore follow Him there. But He gets into a discussion about a bread greater than the manna that Moses supplied thousands of years earlier in the desert. When He claims to be the one sent by God, the people want a sign. Now, there are people in the crowd who were fed by the miracle of the loaves and fishes, yet they don’t speak up, or they don’t believe.

Then, Jesus really goes after it. He begins His discussion on how His flesh and blood are the food that sustains people eternally. This rattles everyone, and it says that many in the area leave and don’t follow Him anymore. Then He pushes the twelve about whether or not they are going to leave as well, already knowing that Judas would turn on Him.

What to make of this passage. Obviously, Jesus is the one who saves and gives life. But why take such a radical tack in His language? Why drive people off intentionally?

This is where Jesus and I split ways. Jesus isn’t worried about numbers or prestige. He wants people who are committed, when it gets tough. I want numbers, I want success.

Jesus is after me on this. How much does our desire to appear likable, to seem influential or cool drive us? Jesus wants it. He wants to own it, to hold it, and to kill it. I am to speak up for Him and what He has done in my life, regardless of the crowd. I am to speak the truth, no matter what. What will it cost? I can’t be concerned for that.

What of you? What cost is Christ asking you to pay to stand for Him, to speak truth for Him? Will you pay it? Of will you turn away? It’s tough, that’s for sure.