You Can’t Always Get What You Want… But You Get What You Need…

Today we hit Job 38 and 39.  God answers.  The whole book has had Job and the other guys discussing / arguing about why this has happened to Job.  Job doesn’t get it, the others claim its a lack of faith or due to sin.  They get nowhere.  Then God answers.

But God’s answer isn’t the answer we might want.  He doesn’t explain to them that Satan was getting it stuck in his face with this whole scenario.  He simply asks them why they think they are wise enough to question Him?  He gives a long, and beautiful list, of what He has done, and what He does.  It’s amazing to read.  If you’ve never read it, take some time today to work through these chapters and think about all that God describes, and ask yourself why He describes the things He does.  He could have picked anything.  Why these?

He moves from creating the earth, to the universe high above, to the oceans deep below.  He goes from the process of birth to death.  He talks about how He created each of the animals.  And in it all, you hear His love for each and every thing in the list.  That’s what I was hit with; how much God loves to create, and how much He loves His creation. 

He answers.  And it’s not what everyone wanted to hear.  But if you stop and listen, it’s much better than what they asked.  It’s not the answer to “why did You do this?”  It’s the answer to “who are You and can I trust You?”  The answer to THOSE questions is a loud, resounding “YES!”

And that’s enough.

That’s His answer.

One thought on “You Can’t Always Get What You Want… But You Get What You Need…

  1. Probably one of my favorite passages in all of Scripture. From the very beginning God doesn't promise us answers or ease … He just promises us Himself.

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