He Is Simply Not Afraid. That’s Pretty Cool.

It’s a new year, and I’ve been challenged through the actions of a friend of mine in my small group to read through the Bible in a year.  I haven’t done it in a while, and I feel like it’s about time.  So, I went to YouVersion and poked around.  I love their stuff.  They have chronological schedule that you read through the Bible in the order that we think it happened.  (The Bible is not in chronological order, if you didn’t know).  So, I’ve been cruising through Genesis the first couple of days, and went Adam through Noah to the Tower of Babel.  Now I’ve hit Job.  Again, it’s been awhile since I’ve spent time in Job.  It’s good stuff (like any part of the Bible isn’t, but anyway).

I’ve been reading the first few chapters of Job the last couple of days, and am fascinated by a couple of things.  It’s God who points Job out to Satan.  Why?  I mean, He knows it will tick Satan off.  Is that they point?  “Hey Lucifer, you used to be a big time angel for me, but you blew it.  While you are out cruising around the earth aimlessly, have you noticed Job?  He’s faithful and he loves me.  He’s pretty impressive.”  It’s cool that God loves Job and is proud of him, but He pokes at Satan with Job.  Of course Satan’s gonna get ticked.  God is setting Job up for failure and pain.  What do we expect the Prince of Darkness to do after getting his face shoved in it?

Then a very simple thing settled in with me.  God isn’t afraid of Satan.  At all.  Not the least little bit.  I KNOW this in my knowledge, but the experience of it hadn’t really settled in before.  He can poke Satan all He wants, because Satan is a 0% threat to Him.  None.  Nada.

I respect Satan’s power to make life tough.  I know on my own, Satan is way more powerful than I am.  But he is a nothing in God’s arena.  God can take Him down with just the word, or the thought.  And judging from how Satan responds, he knows that too.  God is not afraid of Satan.

And God promises to live in me.  Protect me.  Be my strength and hope.  And He is not afraid. 

So neither am I.