My family and I are in Williamsburg, VA this week. Today, we went to Jamestown, the original permanent settlement in the U.S. It was founded way back in 1607. Anyway, the men who came over had to travel on these three small-ish boats. For six months. Below deck. Laying on boxes of cargo. With about 2 1/2 feet of space to lay in. It is simply insane when you stand there in the boat and contemplate what they did to get here.

Why? It wasn’t for any regal reasons. It was for a possible payoff. It was a job. They came for money. That, and the adventure of it all. They wanted out of where they were, so they traveled thousands of miles in a tiny, tiny space to try to start again.

Then why do we balk when we are offered a new life? Christ comes in and offers us a free chance at a whole new life. We don’t even have to ride on a cramped boat for six months. We just have to give in to freedom, joy, and love. And we get a new life. But we walk away, we go back to our old life. Why? I’m not sure.

But it makes me consider long and hard about the sacrifice of these early men, and my commitment. Take some time to re-evaluate yours today. It’s worth it.

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