Jesus is a Donkey Thief!

Jesus is heading into Jerusalem for His death.  In this march to redemption and death, Jesus sends a couple of the guys to procure his transportation.  They go into a village and there is a donkey and a colt tied up.  They are supposed to just take them for Him.  If they are stopped by anyone for stealing the animals, they are supposed to say “the Lord needs them” and they will be okay.

Well, apparently it works, because Jesus rides in on the donkey.  We’ll get the rest of that part of the story later.

What about the guy who owned the donkey and the colt?  No, seriously, what about him?  His animals get taken for a plan he knows nothing about.  What kind of guy would have his car stolen and when he’s told by the two crooks, “the Lord needs this car”, be like, “oh, okay, why didn’t you say so?”  This little detail gets me.  Who does this?  What is God doing in his life to make him so open handed with his prize possessions?  And why am I not more like this?

The Bible is full of people who are called to sacrifice with no idea why they are doing it.  There’s no grand vision, no big picture, just they are told to do it.  And they do.

I, personally, try to wrestle with God and pry info out of Him.  “WHY do you want me to do that?”  “Tell me what You’re up to and I’ll LET you borrow my stuff.” 

It never works.


He doesn’t tell me.  I’m not supposed to know.  I’m just supposed to obey. 

God, keep working on me to be generous and obedient.  Wherever you want my donkey to go, take it.  It’s yours.

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