Pass the Lemon Yellow

Today is my day to study, to rest, to write, and to plan. I’m not in the office (yea!), I’m not answering my phone (yea!), and going to get most of the thoughts and ideas that are rattling around in my head out into plans and dreams (yea!). Its a study day / Sabbath day, and I’ve been holding my breath waiting for it to come. As I have every other time I’ve set a day aside like this, I immediately begin to wonder why I don’t do it more often. I put it off, run my little race, and act like I’ll never get tired or worn out. But I do. And then I come crawling to God, spent, tired, and down. He always sits with me, quietly, and listens. He loves me, cares for me, bandages my heart, tells me it’s all ok because He’s always had it under control. He pulls me up into His lap, and tells me stories of wonder and beauty. He gives me crayons and paper to draw out my dreams, and hangs them on his fridge next to Abraham’s pictures, and David’s school photos. I love it. And I wonder why I put it off like I do?

I choose to listen to the lie that busy is good. Production = pleasure. Results in papers, projects, and numbers = holiness. I know that I know that I know it’s not true. But I run to it. I get a couple of “wow, you work so hard around here comments”, and I’m off to burn more fuel in a hell bent race for production. Yeah, my tires are getting low at times, and my heart’s fuel gauge is flashing, but there’s a race to win. Only, the promise of a checkered flag and a trophy never come. Just more laps. More projects. More meetings. No end in sight.

So, today, I pulled into the pits, have climbed out of the car, handed it over to my Team Owner, and am listening and dreaming. God has taken the racing helmet off my head, handed my crayons and paper, and invited me to sit down at the kitchen table.

I’d encourage you, there’s an empty chair, a huge stack of paper, and extra crayons. Why not join me?

One thought on “Pass the Lemon Yellow

  1. I am down for that. Can you pass the brown and gray crayons. I am working on drawing the Cloverfield monster since you don’t want to see it, I will just draw it for you.


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