The Creeping Vine

I haven’t written yet this week. And I’ve started this particular post with two other ideas, only to delete them both. It’s been one of those times where I’ve allowed my schedule to run me over and I haven’t pulled it in. So, I have little to write about. And I am taking Monday to walk away from it for the day, and regroup.

I continually keep coming back to the issue of time and energy management. I over involve myself in way too many good things. It’s a subtle creeping of a vine growing on the side of my life. Before I know it, it has covered the whole east wall, and is blocking out the sunlight. So, I have to trim it again. For the 37th time. But, at least it gets trimmed.

I really don’t enjoy this stage, the last few days before I turn the tide on the schedule. I find myself over extended, stressed, lacking in exercise and laughter, and tired. Definitely not the way we were created to live.

But I know from times past that it will be better. I’ll drop some of my scheduled tasks, delegate others, rest, run, and get a balance back. I hope that next time, I’ll be able to maintain the balance just a little longer than this time.

So, I am looking forward to next week. Tomorrow, I spend time snow tubing at Perfect North with 60+ other students and leaders from our group. I’ll enjoy it, but how much more would I be able to give and gain from it if I were entering the day healthy and rested? Man, I’ve got to keep getting better at this.

I hope that this weekend finds you balanced in schedule, heart, mind and rest.