Playing Dress Up

Some friends and I were looking at the passage in Luke 12:35-40 last night, and discussing it. Jesus tells His followers to be dressed and ready to go with their lamps burning. It’s an amazing passage encouraging us to be always ready for service, and watching for Christ’s return. But as I read it more, and consider it again, I want to do more than await His return. Mind you, I do want to be ready for that day. But I think the key is to be ready today. He’s here, in a real way, leading and calling me today. I need to wake each day, ready to go. I want to expect amazing things each day from God, not for me, but through me for others. I want to be dressed like an expectant servant, eager for action. I find as I do, life flows more freely and beautifully around me. Now, understand, while I want these things, I don’t often actually pursue them. My selfishness, my pride, my fear keeps me looking for a dark place to hide from God’s plans, or has me trying to sneak and put on the clothes of the Master of the House. I play dress up, and pretend that I’m in charge. In my childish mind, it’s my money, my house, my clothes, my symbols of power. But as soon as He walks in the room, I rip them off and try to act innocent. But Christ knows better. He knows I’ve been trying to pass myself off as Him. Yet He calls me to dress the part of a servant, and come along.

That’s why the second part of these verses is so amazing. Christ says that when we play our part, and are ready to serve, He comes in from the party and switches roles with us. He serves us, feeds us dinner, washes our feet. Him. Serving us. It’s crazy talk. But that’s what He does. I agree to serve and be ready, and He blesses me. For no good reason other than His love and mercy. It’s good stuff.

So today, what are you wearing? Are you sleeping, ignoring the plans He has? Are you dressing like the Master, pretending to be in charge of everything when you aren’t? Or have you taken on the clothing of a servant and lit your lantern so you can be ready to go? When we don’t play dress up, it becomes even more fun.