Both of my girls decided to get baptized last Sunday. It was amazing in a very different way. I thought I would be overwhelmed with emotions and tears. I usually cry at our baptisms anyway. But this week was different. I was hit by what a different person each of our girls is from me. I don’t mean different in personality, but how separate from me they are. They are each equal in God’s eyes to me in each and every way. My degrees, my years of service, my pledges of faithfulness, my sacrifices, don’t earn me any more love or devotion from God than my nine year old, or my six year old. Hmmm… So many times I think it does. I live like it does. I hope it does. I get in God’s face and expect payment from it. But it doesn’t do squat. He loves me. My sacrifices are so little. His are so great. My girls getting submersed because mom and dad said that Jesus said it’s what we are supposed to do is just as important as me sending some student off into ministry. It’s God’s love for us that is the miracle, not my small work for Him.

So what? Where does that leave me? Well, I need to rethink why I do much of what I do. I need to get off the merry go around of approval that I like to keep spinning. How? I’ll have to talk to Him about that one.

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