You Lying, Stealing, Rotten Jesus Lover! (new blog post)

Can you be a man or woman of God, and lie to a pastor?  Can you steal and have God use you to do good in amazing ways?  Is it okay to deceive people, hang around the wrong crowd, and be dishonest, all in the name of serving God?


And yes?

Obviously God tells us to do the right things, to speak truth, to be honest.  It is always the best policy.  It’s not just a saying, it’s true.  There are deep consequences for doing things our own way and ignoring God.

But then you read in 1 Samuel about David.  The dude is a chronic liar and deceiver.  In chapter 21, he lies to a priest in order to get food and weapons. and later when it’s discovered, the only thing he is sorry for is that he didn’t kill the shepherd who told on him.  He lies to a king of a different country and pretends to be insane, so that he can escape safely.  He steals food, he deceives people, he forms a small army of guys who are the bottom of society; thieves, robbers, etc.

But somehow, God uses him and continues on with His plan to make David king.


Yeah, that’s how life works.  David wasn’t perfect.  Deal with it.  He had a LOT of growing up to do and maturing to complete.  He was a young guy making dumb decisions.  BUT, and it’s a big BUT, he wanted to keep moving in the right direction.  We see him praying and asking God for direction in life.  We find him honoring the King who God had appointed, instead of grabbing for power on his own.  In the middle of a lot of bad decisions, he makes a few good ones.  You understand what this makes David, don’t you?


Completely normal.

This is our lives.  We all stumble and fall.  We all sin and turn away from God at times.  But, when you stumble, what direction are you falling?  I mean, is your life moving towards God overall, or away from God.  Falling isn’t the big deal.  The bigger issue is do we fall towards God or away from God?

David was falling towards God.

That was enough.  God kept working with him, and he kept growing.

I hope I can keep falling towards God as well.