Choosing to Be Destined for Greatness (New Blog Post)

What would it be like to be someone who was destined for amazing and great things from the time you were born?  No, really, what would it be like to actually be chosen to accomplish world changing tasks because God has picked you?

I am starting the book of 1 Samuel today, and that is the story.  Samuel is a boy born in a miracle, to a woman who couldn’t have kids.  She went years without children, prayed and asked God for a miracle, and was given it.  The baby boy was presented to God to be His, and He grew up in the temple serving God.  As a young kid, God speaks directly to him, even though He hadn’t spoke to the priests in several years.  Everyone can see that Samuel has been picked by God, and they watch him to see what is going to happen.

At the same time, the priest in charge, an older guy named Eli, has two sons who use the whole religious thing to get what they want.  They take people’s sacrifices for themselves, they sleep with the women who serve at the church, and they ignore God.  He tells them they will die for ignoring Him and abusing their positions.  But they had been chosen for this role by God, and given every opportunity to do what is right.  They simply chose not to.

The whole story sure does have a similarity to another boy born to a mom who shouldn’t have been able to have a kid.  That boy was chosen for great things for God, was known from childhood to be a man of God, and had to confront corrupt religious leaders.  I love it when God gives a story like this that points to Jesus.

But even more than that, what about us?  The Bible tells us that we are chosen by God to do great things for Him.  He loves us, and gives us the ability to work miracles. 

We are all in the role of either Samuel or Eli’s sons.  They both were raised in the same place, with the same opportunities, and with the same chance to choose to serve or not.  Samuel served, and is set aside for amazing things.  Eli’s boys didn’t, and destroy themselves.  Each day we face the same decisions.  Will we serve and do what is right today, or will we settle for just living for ourselves?  Which boy will you be today?

You have been loved and picked to do great things for God.  But the choice is yours.

What will you choose?