A Little Gold on Your Hat, A Couple of Rocks on Your Chest, and Throw in a Goat for Good Measure.

I’m in the dark part of the deepest valley of the one year reading plan: Leviticus.  If you’ve never read it, it is a long litany of guidelines and rules for the people’s worship. I read chapters 7-9 today.  God describes how to sacrifice a goat, which parts to burn, which to eat, what to do with the intestines, etc.  He describes how much gold should be on the priest’s hat, and what types of rocks to attach to the priest’s chest.  Honestly, it’s super tough to read and feel inspired by it.

So I’ve been asking God why He put all of this stuff in there?  Why have us read all of this stuff?  I think one of the big reasons is for us to understand what He wanted the Hebrews to understand; worshiping Him isn’t something to be taken lightly.  God is altogether different from us.  He is the Creator with a capital C, we are the created with a little c.  When we worship Him, we need to be careful, or it will just be another thing to do on our to do list. 

But it can’t.  Because He is not just another person in our lives.  He is God.  Savior, King, Creator, Wonderful, Prince of Peace, Ruler of All, Amazing One, and Lord.  Worship needs to be purposeful and thoughtful.  It needs to cost us something of value.  If we aren’t giving Him our best, we really are missing the point of worship. 

That’s why He gave all the rules.  To help His people remember.  The rules are there so that in the process of going through them all, each person will have time to think about why they are doing what they are doing.  It will remind them of Who they serve, and why they serve Him.  It will remind us of Who He is, how amazing He is, how much He has proven His love for us, and will prompt us to want to serve Him.  When we walk through a tough road to get to Him, we appreciate Him so much more.

So, what does our worship look like?  If we had to go through the rules in Leviticus to worship God, would we?  Or would we give up and decide it’s not worth it?