Greetings From Loveland, CO!

Today is a crazy day for me.  Yesterday I flew from Indy to Atlanta to Denver and then by bus to Loveland, CO.  Now, I’ve never been to Loveland, so that’s cool.  I’m typing from the cafe inside Group Publishing, waiting on the rest of the team I am meeting with to show for breakfast. 

I keep asking God, “Why am I here?”  The invitation came in an email last week, and I still don’t have a handle on why I’m here.  I know God is behind it, and I’m trying to just enjoy the ride.  I mean, I don’t get invitations to see the Rockies on someone else dime everyday! 

Yet, here I sit.  I wonder what God is up to?  I know He’s behind it, it has His fingerprints all over it.  But there is this part of me that wants to kick in, and start engineering things.  A small part of me wants to try to shmooze my way in, to “set myself up” in a good position. 

But I know better.

That just isn’t how God works in my life.  He brings things to me.  I can set things up, and they are okay.  But all of the really great blessings I’ve had, He has brought to me (my wife, my kids, my ministry positions, my time at Taylor, great friends, and tons more). 

So, I’m back to asking Him, Why am I here?

“Enjoy it” He says.  “Don’t worry, I’ve got you.  It’s all okay.”

Do you have as much trouble with this kind of thing as I do?  I want to control it, run it, manipulate it, apply my God given talents to figuring it out.  But He says “no, just be patient and be still”.

I love Jesus so much that He cares this much about someone like me, who is so broken.  Jesus is so very, very good.

I don’t know what you’re facing today, but if God seems to be telling you to “be still and wait”, trust Him.  He’s good.  He always delivers.