Seven Keys to a Great Ask

We’re working though the process of Recruiting and Training Volunteers.  We’ve looked at Seven Crucial Question Before You Recruit a Volunteer.  Then we discussed Four Steps to Picking the Best Volunteers Possible.  Today, we’re going to take a look at the third step, How to Make the Ask.

If you’ve done the homework on the first two steps, you’re pretty invested in the position you’re recruiting for.  You’ve given a lot of time and prayer to figuring out what you need for the ministry, and what type of person you’re looking for.  You’ve identified someone you believe will be a great fit, and now all you have to do is ask them.

Such a small thing so often can become such a big problem for so many of us.  We’ll look at seven keys that make this process go WAY better.

  1. Pray for the person, and the conversation. – We simply can not pray too much.  Pray for them, the timing, your words, that God’s love will show through the conversation, and more.  Don’t meet with them until you’ve prayed.
  2. This is an opportunity, not an inconvenience. – If there is one weakness many leaders struggle with, it’s this one.  We so often allow ourselves to believe we are asking for a great sacrifice that is a burden to the person we’re recruiting.  But you are offering a unique opportunity to them.  You’ve prayed and prayed, and God has lead you to them.  The chance to serve in His kingdom is a chance to grow, to know Him better, to see lives changed, and to be blessed by God.  Don’t forget the beautiful gift you are offering someone.  That is why steps one and two are crucial.  It allows you to be confident that God is leading the show, and you are offering someone an amazing role.
  3. Paint a vivid picture of the vision. – Recruit people to a cause, not to a position.  Prepare an explanation of what God is calling you, and the ministry to.  What does God want to do in your church and in your community through the ministry?  Let the person see the dreams God has given you, and invite them to be a part of something bigger than themselves.
  4. Be specific on why you want THEM over other people. – Be very specific about the strengths, talents, and potential you see in them.  Explain why you believe with all of your heart that they will succeed in the ministry, and why you want them to join with you.
  5. Give space for questions. – Be sure to leave room for this to be a conversation over a sales pitch.  Let them ask questions, encourage them to ask questions.  Stop talking and listen.
  6. Be willing to have multiple conversations. – You may have to make “the ask” more than once.  Some people are not hard wired to make on the spot decisions.  They need time to percolate and pray.  Give them that space.  If you sense they need time, don’t push for a decision.  Make the ask, and then tell them you’d like to give them a week to think and pray.  Meet again a week later.  Give them another week if they need it.  Don’t push people where they aren’t comfortable.  But don’t give up either.  If God is putting them on your heart, be faithful to keep asking.
  7. Invite them to take a test drive. – We’re going to talk about this in our next post.


What else would you add?  I’d love to hear your ideas.