Go, Go, and Go

As a pastor, a lot of people want to tell me what a lot of other people are doing wrong. It’s so funny how I constantly find myself in the seat of someone who is expected to be peacemaker/cop for folks in our church.

I’m not talking about the people who come to me and ask for me to pray for them for their issues, nor am I talking about the folks who come in and tell me about their personal problems, and want help to resolve them.

I’m talking about the people who are mad at someone else, and want me to go fix things for them. This is why Matthew 18:15-20 is so important in our church. It lays out a plan to take responsibility for ourselves. If someone else is sinning, go talk to them yourself. If they won’t listen, take a couple of neutral people, and go talk to them again. If that doesn’t work, then involve the church and the leadership. If that doesn’t solve it, then it is safe to assume that they are not following God and treat them like a friend who doesn’t know Jesus.

It’s a simple plan. But it takes courage and humility to do well. What if we all lived by this set of guidelines though? Man, things would run so much better.

So, I really want to push all of us, let’s make a habit of dealing with conflict among ourselves the way Jesus lays out His plan. It works. I’ve seen it work. And it gives Him a chance to bring healing.

Well worth the effort.