ok, this will be no big deal to anyone. (1) no one reads this blog (2) the three of you who do have much too busy lives to worry about it.

i’ve realized my time management is junk. not acceptable. so i’m downsizing and laying off in the industry of my life (why not follow the trend, right?)

i’m getting rid of most of the extra stuff i spend time on. facebook, twitter, blogging, reading 1,024,384 other blogs a day, etc. i’m going back to journaling on paper in a book, reading the Bible, and working.

if i figure out how to do that, and then add in some of the other stuff, i will. but i don’t think i can. so, i won’t be posting on this site again any time soon. if you need me, just call. it’s better talking to you live anyway.


317 512 0762