10 Reasons You Should NOT Think Orange

We all like lists comprised of ten points, right?  Okay, even if you don’t, I’m plowing forward with this one.  Here, I present Ten Reasons You Should Not Think Orange, in no particular order.

You Should Not Think Orange if:

  1. You believe parents are the enemy of youth ministry and youth pastors everywhere.
  2. You know that the two hours a week you get with your group is the most life changing, power packed, God-i-licious time frame in your students week even though you only actually teach the Bible out loud for 28 minutes of it.
  3. When you survey the students in your ministry you are frustrated with how deep all of them are growing, and you feel like you have nothing more to do.
  4. Parents daily stop in your office to tell you that they feel completely confident in every area of raising their kids to love Jesus.
  5. Your senior pastor constantly encourages you to take more time off from work, since the whole church is working in such beautiful symmetry that you really aren’t needed around more than 2-3 hours a week.
  6. Whenever you begin to teach, your students all turn off their phones, lean forward, and scribble every syllable out of your mouth down with pen and paper, only to memorize it for hours on end throughout the week.
  7. You’re pretty sure God was just kidding with all of that “Train up a child….” stuff in the Bible.
  8. You’re only serving in youth ministry as a “waiting area”, hoping and watching for that spot to open up on the Interpretive Handbell Choir ministry team.
  9. After reading that book on your shelf about youth ministry tricks and tools, you can’t wait to try out your new idea “The Hot Seat” on your kids.
  10. The whole family+church=life change idea seems like a lot of work, and you really need to devote more time to bringing up your Xbox Gamerscore.


Yep.  There you go.  Now you know why I believe that our shift to Thinking Orange is one of the best moves we’ve made in the last 10 years of ministry.  How about you?