Too Many Questions

As a pastor, I’m not sure what to make of John 6. Jesus feeds the five thousand, walks on water, and then teaches in Capernaum. But what He tells the people is so harsh, so strong, that He runs most of them off. The disciples stay with Him because they claim to have no where else to go. I just don’t know what to do with this idea. Jesus says that everyone who comes is drawn by God, and He will have them all. He is fearless about scaring away people who are looking for something other than salvation.

Yet, I want to draw people in so that they might see and hear Jesus. He did feed the five thousand, after all. If he wasn’t into drawing people to Him, He could have told them all to get lost. And these people traveled around the lake to find Him. They were definitely interested in being around Jesus, seeking after Jesus. But it was the “jesus” they were wanting that He wasn’t interested in.

How do we know when to cut people loose? How do we know when we are entertaining too many lookers who want the wrong “jesus“? Is it possible to move a person from the wrong camp to the right camp? Don’t we all want the wrong “jesus” at different times?

Oooo…. Jesus makes my head hurt.