A Little More Andy, A Little Less Phil

I’m reading John 6 this morning, and looking at the feeding of the 5000. Jesus asks Philip “Where shall we buy bread for these people to eat?” Thinking through this question, a couple of things hit me.

One, it tells us that Jesus already knew what He was going to do. He knew about the kid with the fish, He knew He would perform the miracle with the food, He knew it all. So why the question? He asks what will “we” do? Not what are you going to do? Not what should I do? What should “we” do. He doesn’t need the disciples help or ideas. He’s hitting at what they are thinking. They are owning the problem. They don’t see any answer. Philip’s answer gives their thoughts away. They think the situation is out of control. Jesus is drawing out their fears and their answers.

He’s also leading them to look past what they know to what He can do. They are taking everything they have seen and heard in life and coming to the best possible conclusion they can. We have to buy them food. We don’t have the resources. We can’t do this. He calls them to say, we can’t, but what can You do?

I need to learn this lesson. What can God do that I can’t. He asks me questions like this all the time, and I panic. I’m in the middle of one now that I’m not trusting Him with. He wants me to talk to someone, and I’m balking about it, because I can’t see how in the world it could possibly turn out well. Yet, He keeps asking me, what are we going to do about this situation?

Andrew offers the kids food. He doesn’t know why, but he offers it up. I need to be more like Andrew and less like Philip.