Question #1 – How Are You Doing?

If you’re like me when you hear that someone has cancer you get a certain image in your mind of what they are going through. As I’m walking in this I’m learning that isn’t necessarily the case. My doctor has been good about telling me over and over that “everyone’s journey in this is unique. Your journey is only yours. It will be different from all of the others.”

So far that is definitely the case. I’m only a couple of months into treatments, but so far God’s grace has been incredible. (Amazing even!). My system has handled chemo well. At this point my pain is radically decreased, my nauseousness has been pretty minimal, and my side effects have been very limited. I do get tired more easily. I have some numbness here and there and get pretty stiff in my muscles. But those are very, very small prices to pay, especially compared to what so many others face in my situation.

I am still working five days a week. Due to Covid we closed our offices in March of 2020 and the office side of Outreach works remotely most of the time. I still go in most Wednesdays mainly because I miss seeing our staff and youth in person. If Covid weren’t an issue I’d feel good enough to be in the office most days. That’s a miracle.

Everyone assumes my hair fell out within minutes of starting chemo, mainly because it’s been trying to fall out for years before this. Shockingly I still have most of my hair. (At least most of what was there to begin with).

I don’t want to minimize what’s going on. But as I meet others in treatment and as I consider all of the friends and church members I’ve had the opportunity to walk through chemo with over the years, I’m doing pretty well. I’m aware that these things can change quickly. I’ve watched that happen sometimes. But that’s why I’m trying to take Jesus seriously about that “Don’t worry about tomorrow….” teaching He gives. (That’s actually a discussion for a whole different post).

Again, if you’re reading these, thanks. My only goal is to let you know what’s happening because you are someone who cares about me and someone I care about. Thanks for the prayers. They make a very real difference everyday.

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  1. Your love and faith in Jesus is truly an inspiration. Thank you for having the courage to write this. Have a Merry Christmas!

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