Gotta Give Him Props

I gotta give God credit. My birthday was awesome, and it is because of His generosity. He allowed some good snow to fall (12 inches is ALOT for Shelbyville. we are a snow vortex for some reason. It never hits here.) So, school was out. The church office was closed. I got to stay home with Jill and the girls, play games, play in the snow, run the four wheeler around in the powder, run my snow blower, and eat two birthday meals. It was AWESOME!

Here’s why I really appreciate it. I was having a bit of trouble with number 38. Don’t know why, but I was. Nothing major, just not looking forward to it. But God threw me a party that made it one of my best birthdays in years. Jill worked SO hard, even though she’s been under the weather this week. The girls made beautiful cards for me. It was amazing.

So, I am a blessed man. When I definitely shouldn’t be. Thanks God. You are really great!