3 Spots Worth Checking Out

Okay, a couple of things I recently discovered that are way cool, and helpful in ministry.

1. CoolIris – it’s an add-on for Firefox. Searches for images from multiple sites and displays them on a huge wall so you can see dozens at once. Saves time finding images for printing and publications, like flyers and web stuff. It’s great!

2. Lastfm.com – a web site you can add on to Firefox. Type in your favorite bands, it creates stations around it. Better than Pandora.

3. GetMiro.com – Like CoolIris, but with video. Search all the video feed sites, preview them, and then you can either save them to your harddrive to use somewhere else, like in Media shout. Or, if you don’t save it, it will pull it off your harddrive after five days, saving you the space. Check it out, it’s way cool. Subscribe to the Ask a Ninja channel while you’re there.

One thought on “3 Spots Worth Checking Out

  1. This is why you get paid the big $, not because of your looks (because come on, everyone knows I’m the pretty one), but because of these 3 sites. In fact, this is probably your greatest achievement of all time. Congratulations!

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