The Crowder Revelation

This morning I came in, and I wanted to sing some songs to God. Just me. So I was working through my song book, and after a while, made my way to “O Praise Him.” I confess that I didn’t recall the lyrics well, because I have been in slacker mode in worship for a while now. My heart has not been engaging in active worship the way that I should. More on that another time. But as I was singing through the song, I was actually thinking about the lyrics. I wasn’t sitting alone singing a solitary, poorly played song to God. I was joining in with the already in progress songs of angels and believers in heaven! Not revolutionary, I realize. But to me, it ignited something. And even as I’m typing this, I realized I was also joining in with the voices of those around the world singing to heaven. And to the voices of nature singing out to the God. That changes something inside of me. It’s not a solitary voice trying to convince God that I’m serious. I’m joining the voices of milions, and He is worshipped in a way much more worthy of who He is! That encourages me so much! What a great cloud of witnesses, huh? What do you know, the Bible is right after all! (sarcasm). I want to go farther into the crowd.