Hi, My Name Is Jason, and I am a Planner….

I find it so funny/frustrating/confusing/encouraging how I rarely know what God has planned for me, yet I still spend so much time trying to guess/hope/pray/assume/create/force some type of plans to happen.  I’m hardwired to be a long-term planner, it’s who I am.  And I try to hold those plans with very open hands, knowing God often changes them.  Yet, I find myself once again standing in the middle of a place that I thought was where I needed to be moving in my life, only to see those doors shutting.  I’m not mad, at least I don’t feel mad right now.  I’m just surprised at how quickly I want to make things into my new comfort zone, even when they are mostly shadow and hope.  As I sit here, wondering what the coming weeks and months hold, I am reminded once again, I am fine.  God has me, and I don’t need to be afraid/stressed/worried/unsure.

So often we make plans for ourselves, they give us some sense of comfort.  I don’t think I will ever stop planning/dreaming.  I used to wonder if I was wrong to create plans and systems.  At this point, I know it’s something God has put into me.  I just have to stop hoping vainly that they will bring me peace or comfort.  They won’t.  Only Jesus and His care will.  So, that is where I’m trying to put down my roots today.  In His care, in His comfort, in His goodness.

Maybe you’re a planner.  Maybe your plans have been disrupted.  Maybe you’re mad at Jesus for sticking His nose in your dreams.  Don’t be.  It’s not worth it.  You and I just want comfort.  THAT is one thing He offers to us in buckets.

We can trust Him in that one.  Today.  Tomorrow.  Forever.

Plan on it.