Craig Groeschel – Busting Barriers – Momentum

I had a chance to go to a video conference today where we watched videos from Catalyst on Momentum with Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel.  Here are the notes from one of the sessions if you’re interested.


Craig Groeschel

Busting Barriers

 All organizations want to settle

The longer an org settles, the harder it is to get out of it.
If a little tweak was needed, we would have done it a long time ago.

Romans 12:2 – Be transformed by the renewing of your mind

1. Think differenly about your church culture.
a. “Our people won’t _____________________________”
b. “We haven’t let them to _____________________________”
– Do we lead by example?
– If you want your church members to be generous, then is the staff generous?  Is the church generous?
– If we want the church to be evangelistic, then are we as a staff being evangelistic?

2. Think differently about programming.
a. We have to do more to reach more.
b. We can reach more by doing less.
– We need to do the things we are uniquely called by God to do.
– We need to evaluate the effectiveness for our “cool” programs or the ones we are “expected” to do.

3. Think differently about mission.
a. In most churches, we don’t really believe about what God is calling us to do.
b. We can’t hurt about someone’s feelings.  We won’t move a person who is in the wrong place.  We have to make the necessary changes to
further the mission.

4. Think differently about people leaving the church.
a. Churches have personalities.  If you fight people leaving, your personality becomes that of a needy church.
b. When a church is insecure, people can feel it.
c.  We can grow when people leave.
d. There are some people who need to leave.
e. When you create a culture where people can leave on good terms.

5. Think differently about limitations. 
1. “We can’t because we don’t ________________________________________”
2.  Change it to “You can, because you don’t.”
3.  Limitations are often the breeding ground for inovation.
4.  Example of raising $100,000 in six days, vs child dying without a $100,000 shot by next week. Priorities make the impossible possible.

1.  Find someone one or two steps ahead of you and find out how they think. (not what they do)
2.  Identify one wrong mindset and ask God to renew your mind with truth.
3.  Identify one painful decision you’ve been avoiding and commit to make that decisions no matter what the short term pain.