Sticky Faith Summit – Dr. Scott Cormode – Session 5

Sticky Faith

Session #5

Dr. Scott Cormode

People don’t resist change, they resist loss

When you’re trying to start a revolution, don’t worry about designing a system to distribute food after it’s done.
The hardest people to change for Sticky Faith in the next six months is us.
If we do it the way I’ve always done it, it will probably go badly.
I’ve buried some issues because I don’t know how to fix.  Changing the focus will force them to the surface.

  • Example – To move forward means I have to delegate more.  I don’t want to.  How’s it going to get done?
  • This is where “mixed messages cause chaos” comes in.
  • I say that I want to delegate, that leaders are important, that volunteers run the ministry.  I don’t let it happen.

Chris Arduous – Scholar who wanted to find what prevented organizations from learning?

  • Defensive reasoning – We read an article and think “I know someone who needs to learn that lesson”, it means we probably need to deal with it ourselves.
  • Most leaders get great quickly, and then plateau. I have.
  • What moves leaders past this level is to recognize their weakness, and to move past it.  There are articles in the red book on this.
  • When we become more concerned with failing our calling from God than we are with failing at ……, then we can move forward. (story of Ann, the nurse who had her kid teach her how to do math conversions)
  • Max Dupree speaks about temporary incompetence.  Anytime we take on a new role or task, we will experience temporary incompetence.  The only response is to take a deep breath and say “I’ve got a lot to learn”.
  • The other option is skilled incompetence.  You become so good at being incompetent that you no longer realize how incompetent you are.
  • Skilled incompetence can happen to individuals and to communities.

By the time a family gets to fifth grade, they have already formed their relationship with the church.  Children’s Min is SO important!!