I’m Excited About Dodgeball and Canned Green Beans

Last night at SrHi, we were finishing up our group before our break over Christmas.  Because of how the church calendar falls, we have three weeks off from our senior high youth group.  We always do some type of service projects over Christmas with our small groups.  This year, I wanted to try something different.  We told the students it was in their hands.  The adult leader was there to help them sort ideas, but if their group was going to do a project, then it was up to them to design and carry it out.  I realize it’s not earth shattering stuff, but it’s a step in our move towards having a ministry of students. (Read my post on this idea here.)

Our 10th grade guys came roaring up to me after small group with an idea.  They want to have a dodgeball tourney over Christmas break, and have each team pay admission with canned food items for our community food pantry.  Again, not earth shattering, but I love this idea.  One, because it is theirs, and they own it.  Two, because it’s realistic and can be a win for them.  Three, because some guys who don’t normally “lead” in the group came up with it and are running with it.  They are doing promo for it, inviting friends from school to get teams together, the whole deal.

These are the types of steps I want to see us take.  Small, sustainable, and winnable steps that students can accomplish on their own.  Obviously, I don’t want this group of guys to stop at this level, or be content with this level of service.  But it is a step in the right direction.  As I’ve been around a while, I have definitely learned that it isn’t the hot new program or idea that blows up and everyone jumps on board with that is going to bring about change.  It is people, whether students or leaders, who have an idea that moves them forward a step or two, followed up with another one that goes a little further.  These movements become momentum, and momentum becomes life change.

So, I’m excited about dodgeball and canned green beans.  Where are you seeing success?  I’d love to hear.