Sticky Faith Session #3 – Thursday 11/17/2011

Sticky Justice

Students listed missions trip and service projects #2 and #3 on the list of what they wanted more of in youth group.

5 out of 6 in the group cap me away from a short time mission trip fairly unchanged.
       – Does it matter if they go on more than one trip?

How can we maximize the stickiness of our service?
      Book – “When Helping Hurts”
      American short term missions spends over $2 billion a year.

1. Why are you going?

     – What is the goal?
     – Service vs. Justice
     – Service is like pouring a glass of clean water.  Justice is asking why people don’t have water to begin with and how to change it.
     – To reclaim justice = restoring Shalom.  Shalom moves past peace. It is the flourishing of someone in every area.
     – Restoring dignity to the people we serve.

2. How long do you want the experience to be?
     – Instead of thinking about it like a week long trip, could we make it a seven month experience?
     – Before (framing beforehand with the group.  Prayer. Serve locally.)
     – During (Experience and take intentional time for reflection as you are there.)
     – After (Initial debrief immediately.  Also do ongoing transformation in the months following.  Help apply the lessons much later to the day to day life of your students.)
     – See it as a process, not an event.

Serving is the most significant and powerful contributor to faith for teenagers and adults. – “Inside Out Families”