David Livermore – Big Room #3 – 11/19/2011

Cultural Intelligence

51% growth in Hispanics in America, more than entire population of Spain.
2040 is the projected year Caucasians will not be the majority in America.

Who are the culturally intelligent?
It’s not the most traveled.
Not the top leaders.
It’s not the multi-lingual.

Four key areas:
1. High CQ drive.
They were motivated/curious about how others live.
The other can be racial or geographicly different. BUT it can also be value other.

2. High CQ knowledge.
Understanding how individual cultures affect our interaction with the people of those cultures.

3. High CQ strategy.
Can a person design curriculum, actions, programs that reflect and honor the other cultures around them.

4. High CQ action.
Can they communicate truth across various cultures. They remain true to themselves and relate to others being true to who ther audience is,

Story of Zambian pastor James and his view of meeting saints in Heaven was awesome!

How can we as a youth ministry reach the minorities of our community? Hispanics. African-Americans? Economic?

Have people from minorities come and share on non-racial issues with the students.