Sticky Faith Session #2 – Thursday 11/17/2011

The church is a Family of Families

Family – clusters of relationship which function as a family. This can include nuclear families, blended families, empty nesters, groups of simgles, etc.

Students ranked their parents first as the place they turn for support.

Other adults in the church came in last.

At church, we operate under the Adult Table/Kid Table model.  We divide by age all the time.  Very, very little overlap between the ages.

Picture of one earred Mickey Mouse.  Where the head and ear touch is so small.  That is often how the youth group overlaps the rest of the church.

The more students were involved in intergenerational worship/community, the better their faith sticks.

There is a large gap between multi-generational and inter-generational ministry.

IDEA – could we use the Ceraland campout for the fall retreat?
         – Have the food team collect favorite recipes from senior adults, go to their house, fix food, and share the meal.
         – Could we recruit senior adults to write to our college students?

Working with parents
When we talk to our kids about their faith, we also need to share about our own faith.
IDEA – can we set it up for the kids to interview their parents?
         – invite parents to share their testimony at youth group
         – send out newsletter with recent pics, review of where we’ve been, where we’re going, discussion questions, etc.