You Thought It Was Bad When Your Grandparents Just Kissed….

In Genesis 18, we have a story of Abraham, this chosen man of God, who has been told that he will have a son at the age of 99.  Sarah, his wife, is 89.  And those years are the same then as they are now.  They are way beyond child bearing years.  But they are promised to have a kid.  It would take faith to simply try to get pregnant at that age, let alone actually have a child.  But they do it.  It’s God’s grace that brings them a son.

In that same chapter, Abraham bargains with God for the lives of the people in Sodom.  If you’ve never read it, you need to read it today.  It’s a really funny story.  God has heard how bad the people in Sodom are living, and they are going to be punished for it.  Abraham begins a bargaining session, because his nephew Lot and his family live in the city, and he doesn’t want them destroyed.  So, he bargains with God for forgiveness for the city if God finds 40 righteous people in the whole city.  Then 30.  Then 20.  Then 10.  At this point, Abraham is relieved, because his nephews family is there, and they are more than 10, so the city is safe.  What Abraham doesn’t understand is that the city has corrupted his nephew, and there is no one in the city who is obeying God.

There are so many lessons from this.  One, how generous God is with His grace, to forgive an entire city for the sake of 10 people.  Two, how powerful the influences we allow into our lives are.  Lot was completely corrupted by where he lived.  And three, what a role we play when we follow God in a hostile place.  If Lot had been obedient, and led his family well, he could have saved an entire city.

So, three questions for today: 1. Where do you need to see God’s grace?  He still offers it freely.  2. Who is influencing you the most?  Is it towards God or away?  What do you need to change in that relationship?  3. Do you really believe how you live can be used by God to save others?  That’s His plan, but do you believe it?  Really?