We don’t fight fair.

Jesus tells a parable about the dude who is forgiven for hundreds of thousands of dollars by a king, and then refuses to forgive someone else a $50 debt. The dude is thrown in prison and loses everything because he was so selfish.

What I noticed today is that Jesus starts the whole deal by explaining that the parable is about the Kingdom of God, and that God will punish us if we are unforgiving. In fact, we will lose everything if we are not willing to forgive others from the heart, it says in verse 35.

Ok, let’s all stop for a minute. Do we believe this? Really? I don’t live like I do sometimes. I hold a grudge because it’s justified. But here’s the deal; in the story dude #1 is owed a bill by dude #2. It’s a legitimate debt. Dude #1 technically is in the right. This isn’t a story about who is right or wrong, or what is fair. It’s a story about ridiculous grace, and the blazing expectation by God that we will live reckless lives full of grace and deficient in fairness.

So do we? I like fair, personally. And not just for the deep fried snickers bars. I like it when things are all even-steven, equal across the board. Jesus says dump that, it will land you in Hell. We are a people of grace. Not equality or fairness.

Who needs a heaping dose of undeserved, unmerited forgiveness and grace in your life? Do you have the belief to give it? It’s a huge risk if you don’t.

(completely unrelated, I noticed this is my 200th post. not sure what that means, but it caught my eye.)

One thought on “We don’t fight fair.

  1. 200th post means
    1. Party at your place. I'll be over in 20 min

    2. Jesus will smile upon and bless all who comment on this post. In fact, I have it on good authority that anyone who comments on this post will come across $200 in the next 3 days (but only if they forward it on to 8 people).

    3. I get to disagree. I don't think anyone wants fair. I think that we think we want fair, but not really. I don't want fair, I want more. Praise Jesus He isn't fair. I think that I'm just starting to learn what it means to rest in, live in and respond to His grace

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