Getting Jacked by Jesus is No Fun

I admit it. I don’t get Matthew 17:14-21. I thought about skipping it, but that’s not honest. I look at this story, and am confused. A kid has seizures, and his dad begs the disciples for help. They can’t heal him. The dad comes to Jesus and tells Him, and it seems like He goes postal on them. He calls them an unbelieving and perverse generation, and asks how long He has to put up with them.

I simply can not imagine standing there and taking that from Jesus. It had to be heart breaking. He rails on them for their lack of faith. He heals the kid, and doesn’t get on the kid about a lack of faith, or the father about a lack of faith. He just heals the kid. But He is all over the disciples.

In other places He shows frustration with them, but not to this level. Maybe it’s because it just followed the Transfiguration. Maybe that’s why He is so upset. I don’t honestly know.

Lord, do you get that mad with me? Do I frustrate you to this level? Clearly it’s not sin to be frustrated at them. They were wrong. Somehow their lack of faith was sin on their part. That is what angers God: sin. Please help me to live in such a way you don’t have to look at me with disgust. Please help me, Lord. Please.