Just Some of the Reasons

I realized this morning just how negative I’ve been lately. I’m not even sure how long it’s been going on. I have definitely not been counting my blessings at all. I’ve been selfish, ungrateful, whiny, and generally a pain in the keister. Wow. That’s not fun to admit….

So, here is my list of a few things for which I am grateful:
1. My God: He is so good to me that I can’t describe it. That doesn’t mean I get off the hook from contemplating it though.
2. My wife: she truly is just second to God. She is a gift, an amazing person, and I do not appreciate her enough.
3. My children: they rock. they are generous, smart, healthy, funny, kind, and they love me like crazy and show it. I’ve got to return that favor much more expressively.
4. My parents: my mom and Jill’s parents are amazing. I can’t begin to describe how great they are!
5. My church: we struggle and bump along, and I really enjoy that. I love the fact that we don’t have it all together.
6. My health: God is so good to me that little pains hurt. I live so pain free that little things show up on my radar. I’m grateful for that.
7. My home: I absolutely love our new house, with it’s creaky floors and dozens of projects to take on. I love the toads in the yard, the owl hooting at night, and the quiet evenings.
8. Our students: we have the best group of students ever.
9. Their parents: it’s no surprise the kids are so good when you meet the people raising them.
10. My class at Taylor: its a challenge, and I love and need that. What a gift that I get to teach it. so many more qualified people than me, but yet I get to do it.
11. Indiana: I love the harvest, the sunshine, and the people. It’s beautiful in a new way all the time.

Obviously, the list could trail on about comfortable shoes, my friends, and so much more. Many of you would be on this list too, and are. I appreciate you so much for your support and love of me, and for the prayers you offer for me.

I will do better today. I have so many reasons to be grateful.