Babylonians and Boyfriends

Back in Habakkuk today. The first few verses of chapter 1 hit me. While I’m not in this place right now, I can totally resonate with Habakkuk’s attitude towards God. Injustice is all around him, and God isn’t doing squat, it seems. I mean, He is the great protector, and we cry for help, and nothing. Just crickets chirping. You can feel Habakkuk’s frustration and anger.

What is God’s response? Is it full of hope and mercy? It seems like it in verse 5. Promises of amazing things that no one will believe.

But then He says He’s going to raise up the Babylonians. It’s like us praying, and God’s answer coming that He is going to raise up the Al-Qaida network to a world power. We pray for justice, and that’s the answer.

Ok, honestly, why does God do stuff like this? It really ticks me off sometimes. This answer is almost cruel. But then again, it’s only so when seen through our scope. God is going to raise them up to bring His people back to Him. Worship is the goal of God. He wants His kids close, that’s why He made the human race. To be in relationship with Him and be known by Him. When we dig in our heels, He will go to any length to get us back.

Spoke to a student yesterday who was dumped by her boyfriend. She felt like she had tried to do the relationship God’s way, by including prayer into it and putting Him in the center, yet it still fell apart. Why? Why is God being so unfair? The answer is almost always that what we want in a situation is off base, and it makes God seem unfair. God wants us. He will use any tool He can, whether it be the Babylonians, a 17 year old boy, or anything else.

I don’t know. I get all of this, but I don’t always like it. Good thing I’m not the one in charge, I guess.