What a Beautiful Mess…


Yeah, phew!

  • Let’s see… Middle School retreat at Springhill Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  • Got home at 3 pm
  • Started setup for Senior High worship night at 4 pm
  • Played in worship band and directed event.
  • Got home at 10 pm.
  • Ran to Taylor on Monday and taught my first class, but almost showed up late.
  • Annie came home from school early sick on Monday.
  • Stayed home with Annie on Tuesday.
  • Ran a huge game night for middle school on Tuesday night with two hours prep.
  • Stayed home on Wednesday.
  • Ran to staff meeting and back during the day on Wednesday.
  • Now it’s Thursday and I’m tired and overwhelmed.

What do I learn from this stuff?

  • I still stink at delegation.
  • I try to carry too much on my own shoulders.
  • I’m not planning ahead as well as I should.
  • I overestimate my abilities on a regular basis.

Change is in the air, once again. I must keep learning to get better at this stuff. It’s just frustrating, because you’d think I’d be better at it by now.

Here is what God did in the middle of my mess.

  • Two boys accepted Christ for the first time over the weekend.
  • Several girls made significant decisions.
  • The worship night was powerful and enjoyable.
  • I got to spend time with Annie and love on her some.
  • The game night was a raging success due to my leaders.
  • I appreciate my wife, family, and friends so very, very much.

Just gotta keep learning and moving forward. Be faithful; cause God likes to make beautiful things out of our messes. He never gets tired or gives up.

Thank goodness.