Michael’s Wedding Predictions?

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Will this be a prophecy of Mike’s wedding? No way!

No one will ever marry him…

2 September 08 at 3:30 pm | In youth ministry |

I think of the strangest things in the middle of the night. The list that follows is probably the all-time strangest. Feel free to add-on as you feel inspired.

Some youth workers are married. Others are single. Some will get married during their tenure as a youth worker (and this is in no way any sort of an announcement on my part). Here, then, are the signs that you are at a youth worker’s wedding:

  • Rather than a soloist providing music prior to the service, there is a video loop that includes announcements, YouTube clips and the new Hillsong United music video.
  • The youth worker half of the happy couple reads the vows from the notes he or she has written on his or her hand.
  • Wedding song: David Crowder Band’s Our Love is Loud
  • The couple registers at the Youth Specialties web site.
  • The reception dinner is pizza and Mountain Dew … just pizza and Mountain Dew.
  • There’s no head table at the reception, just a longer couch and larger bean bag chairs.
  • Invitations went out on Facebook and included responses from friends of friends of friends from as far away as China.
  • You don’t see a professional photographer, but there seems to be an awful lot of young people holding up their cell phones.
  • Rather than a punch or champagne fountain, there’s line of Diet Coke bottles and packs of Mentos.
  • Not only did you receive the initial invitation, you received reminders via Twitter, text, Facebook and a phone call to your parents.
  • The wedding announcement may not appear in the local newspaper, but the couple really hopes that Marko or Josh blog about it.
  • DJ? We don’t need a DJ, we have DDR and Guitar Hero!

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