Why play hide and seek?

In John 18:15 – 18, an unnamed disciple gets Peter into the audience where Jesus is being tried in court. It seems like the disciple is probably John. So, here is my question. If John is known by the High Priest, it would seem that they would know he was a disciple of Jesus. And he is given freedom to come into the trial.

Yet Peter, when asked about being with Jesus, denies it. Why? I don’t understand. I always thought he was afraid and undercover. But if John was known, there would be no need for him to hide. John was safe, he would have been too. But instead Peter lied and tried to hide. (wow, that rhymes).

Anyway, why did he do it? His life doesn’t seem to be at risk. He doesn’t seem to be at threat of being arrested. Any ideas why He would hide? If we can figure it out, I’m sure that there is a lesson in it for us.

What do you think?