It’s Time to Get Down

Jesus does a simple act that forever changes the world in chapter 13 of John. In the first 17 verses, John paints a picture of Jesus showing the greatest form of love possible. John should know, because He was one of Jesus’ closest friends, and is referred to as the “one Jesus loved”. John gets this idea of love well. And he says that the story in chapter 13 is the greatest love Jesus could show.

What does He do? He washes their feet. It’s the act of the lowest servant. Every house of any worth would have servants. The least important servant would be charged with washing the guests feet. Jesus does it, dressed as a servant. Then He tells his guys that this is their example for how to live.

No servant is greater than their master. It’s true. And our master isn’t afraid to get dirty, sacrifice for people who didn’t get it, and give away love in dangerous amounts. Don’t miss the point that He knows what Judas is going to do. He knows Judas has already decided to betray Him. And Jesus serves him in the same way that He serves John.

Who are you avoiding serving today? Who is not important enough for you to help? Who has stabbed you in the back, and you won’t help them? Christ calls us to wash feet. Everyone’s feet. No servant is greater than their master. Are you?