It’s "A" or "B", there is no "C".

John 10:22-42 has a passage that many people have used to prove many different things. In the story, Jesus is at the Temple during Hanukkah. The people pull Him aside to speak to Him. They tell Him to be clear, is He the one sent by God to save them? Jesus says, Yes I am. I’ve told you before, I’ve done miracles for you, and I’m telling you again. Yes, I’m the Messiah.” But He also tells them that He is God. They try again to kill Him for this. Again He has to escape to the wilderness.

If you speak with a devout Muslim, they will point to this passage and use it to show that Jesus isn’t claiming to be God Himself, but merely a son of God (vs 34-36). They believe that this is proof that the Apostle Paul took Jesus’ teachings too far, and made Him more than He claimed to be. He is a prophet, but Jesus never claims to be God Himself.

Most Christians see this passage as Jesus claiming to be God in the person. He is God, He is in God, and God is in Him in a special way unlike anyone else. This isn’t an option for other people, its something that is true of Him alone.

So, a large percentage of the world’s population divides who God is and isn’t over this passage and a few others. The Muslim’s would humbly side with the Jews in this passage. It’s one thing for Jesus to be sent by God as a prophet, it’s another thing altogether for Him to claim to be divine.

With so many people split over this verse, what about you? What do you believe? Why? Can you explain your answer well? The Bible says Christians should be ready in season and out of season to give an answer for their faith. Take some time and prayerfully read over this passage. Your answer will dictate how you live today.