What a Great Show

Last night we had two bands come in and play a show. Grey Holiday and Inhabited were here, and it was really a great show! If you were around, and didn’t come, wow, did you miss out. I was so impressed with both bands.

Grey Holiday is a young band who is starting to make a push, and they are such a great bunch of guys. I loved their hearts, and their love of students. I will definitely look for a chance to have them back. Not only are they great musicians who clearly love Jesus, they spent so much time hanging with our kids, playing guitar hero, answering questions, and more. Plus, they were the first band we’ve had who travels with a heavily modified upright piano. Here they are in action:

We also ended up landing Inhabited to play. They are a group who has had national exposure, played some really big venues, and ended up playing for us in our little room for our 70 people. It was cool. They were the epitomy of professionalism. Yet, they were crystal clear about their faith, and showed so much love to everyone there as well. I so appreciated these guys. Sarah completely laid her heart, and the truth of Jesus, on the line for the kids. The girl can preach! Here they are:

But what hit me today was simply how fun it was. It was fun to have all of our students dancing, singing, laughing, and just being themselves. It was fun watching the bands use their gifts and skills to sing and play their guts out. It was fun watching Hogan use his gifts behind the sound board, Jim, Joann, Phyllis, and Kristy all hanging with kids and serving, and just watching family be family. Sometimes that is the most important thing.

I think last night that is what we needed most. I know it was what I needed. I just didn’t realize it going in. I was so healed inside being a part of it all. I guess there is no deep lesson in it. Just a gift. But what a gift it is! I love our church family. It’s amazing.