Lessons from a Virus

Ok, so I’m home sick today. I’m not sure the last time I took a sickday, but I had to today. No fun. At all. I can’t even play with my girls, for fear of giving my nasty cold to them. I always feel like such a burden on my family when I’m sick. Blech!

But then I watch my family really pitch in and work together. The girl’s try harder to be a help. Of course Jill always works incredibly hard, and is such a servant.

I watch my youth leaders step in and take over my roles for youth group. Annette is teaching, Ron and Cathy have the worship team under control. Everyone comes together. They are simply amazing as well!

And I realize yet another facet to the whole “in my weakness He is strong” verse from the Bible. Here I am, unable to help anyone, and forced to accept everyone’s help, for at least a little while. And God completely covers all of the bases.

The real question is why am I surprised? Because I want to believe that He needs me. He can’t get things done without me. But again I relearn that He can and does. My role is one of priviledge, not actual responsibility.

And I can rest easy. I just need to remind myself of this when I am functioning at a little higher capacity. Hopefully, it won’t take a cold bug to remind me next time.