More than just soup.

Last night, at our senior high youth group, we started a new series on dating called “Nerds; and the Women who Love Them.” Of course, anytime you’re going to discuss dating, there is only one Bible passage to start with, Genesis 25:27-34. It’s the story of Jacob and Esau. Clearly dating material, if there ever was any.

We discussed how Esau does four things wrong that sent him to ruin.
1. He allowed his hunger to control him
2. He settled for a mediocre meal.
3. He allowed himself to be conned.
4. He forgot that his purpose was unique.

I’m not going to go into how the students tied it into dating, but I have been thinking about these four ideas quite a bit the last few days. I don’t date anymore in the high school sense (thank God above for that! phew.) But I still act like Hairy (Esau) and settle for a bad bowl of soup sometimes. I so want to be acknowledged and respected. I want to be known as great. I want to be seen as someone important. Basically, anything that flies in the face of Jesus’ teachings of our position in this world, and I seem to have this built in burning for it. I think the Bible has a big, fancy word for it. What was it? . . . Oh yeah; sin.

So often my hunger, my desire for these things will drive me to settle for a really bad imitation of what I’m after. I’ll try to manipulate a conversation, or set up a situation, so that I come out “looking better”. I’ve gotten moderately good at it over the years. But it always leaves me empty. I’m ready for a change.

I want to pursue God’s love and attention. I want to live for His pat on the back. I want to eat at the table He has set for me, and skip the junky bowls of soup all around me. I want to know Love, and be loved, and give love (to quote Bradley Hathaway). I am tired of settling for 28th best. I want to go straight to source of Beauty, Laughter, Hope, and Peace. Not as “New Year’s” deal. As a daily opportunity to live in Love.

What about you? Where are you being conned into settling for mediocrity, or worse? It’s not worth it, you know. There is better. Infinitely Better. I’ll see you at the Table.