Riding a Bike With God Into the Apocalypse

I have been telling my 13 year old daughter not to worry so much. She has a deep held belief that the Mayans were right, and this is the year it all ends. I keep trying to convince her that it’s not true, that we follow a God who doesn’t hold to the Mayan calendar, etc. etc. Then, we run into a three week run of temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s in Indiana. In March.

Maybe the Mayans weren’t so off after all…..

So, with this apocalyptic weather pattern, I figure if the world’s gonna end, I might as well ride my bike as much as I can in the days we have left. So, yesterday, I got out for the first real ride of the year. I took off on one of my favorite routes that drops me way south and winds along the Flatrock river, which is blue this time of year, and beautiful. As I’m riding along, I was talking to God about some decisions that I am facing, and some that I can sense are headed my way in the near future. Now understand, usually I’m so focused on a) not falling off my bike and b) not throwing up that I don’t spend a lot of time in deep prayer, other than “Oh God, please help me not fall off my bike and throw up!” Yesterday, being the first ride of the season, I took it a bit easier (READ – “I’m out of shape from a winter of donuts and Starbucks.”) Since I wasn’t at top form, I had more ability to talk to God as I lumbered along.

I was just asking Him what He’d like me to do? How can I best serve? Neither option is clear cut, it’s not a decision of sin versus obedience. These are two options that really don’t have moral complications. His answer, while similar to all of His other answers (He’s nothing if not consistent), still caught me a bit off guard, and gave me great peace. He talked to me about how I can do choice “A” in my options, and it will result in blessings on a wide scale, and He will use me and bless me as I’m faithful. Or, I can select choice “B”, and it will have a much deeper impact closer to home and in my community. Again, as I’m faithful, He will use me and bless me. Not because of anything that I am, or because of what I am doing, or anything that I have earned in any way; but simply because He is good, He is not limited by my choices and options, and He’s just not that worried about it. So, as the choices come, pick one, and let’s go.

This brings me so much peace. The options I’m facing, when left to my own devices to decide, is fraught with potential problems and mistakes, and the pallor of regret could hang over the wrong decision fairly easily. When both options are placed in His hands, it all fades down to Love God, Love Others, Serve the World. He has the details. I just need to trust and watch Him work.

HERE is where I begin to see that He’s not kidding. His yoke is easy, and His burden is light. He really, literally means it.

What is that you are wrestling with, debating, worrying over? Could it be that if you will simply trust Him, He will carry you either way?

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  1. I needed to read this today. In a stretch of busyness, chaos and some hard choices. Great reminder of who He is … and who I’m not.

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